Packaging Materials

  • Present a strong brand in one complete package.
  • Protect your product during shipping and handling.
  • Showcase important information with eye-catching designs.

Let Your Product and Brand Shine With Packaging Materials

Today’s packaging has come a long way from being just a container to hold your goods. It has morphed into an attractive and savvy marketing solution that speaks volumes about a product’s quality and brand.

There are times when you may be tempted to purchase a product based on how attractive the packaging is. Or skip items that have unattractive or poorly done packaging even if the product itself is good. Bottom line is, the design, logo, and materials you use in packaging do matter - a lot.

Make smarter decisions about packaging your products by optimizing your packaging materials. Spotted Dog Prints offers custom-printed packaging supplies that can help you create a strong presence and an even stronger bottom line.

Read on to learn more about what our custom packaging can do for your products:

  • Custom boxes protect your product from damage during handling, transit, up to when it sits on retail shelves. Have your company name, logo, and special graphics or message printed on the box itself. You can even add information that is promotional, factual, or mandated by consumer law.
  • Packaging sleeves can add life to dull, blank boxes - making them the perfect finishing for retail packaging. It also serves as an added security feature to make the box seal better.
  • Custom-printed stickers and labels are great for branding your product and strengthening your identity. Stick them to your food packaging to show information about your product or seal your package.